MelodyC2E: music sans frontiers​

Today I would like to recommend a Chinese student group named MelodyC2E and share some of my own thoughts on music. What they are putting efforts in, is exactly as their name: melody from Chinese to English. Here, by 'Chinese', I refer to the 'Chinese language', as the 'Chinese song' refers to any songs sung in... Continue Reading →

Tengri: A Chinese Mongol Artist Sings In A Way You Never Heard Before

Ready?  👇🏻 Well, how do you like this? I can't assume you guys' feelings about this performance, but for me, I was literally crying from the first phrase to his last roar, no joke. It was no sadness, but full of deep touch, which drives me here, to share the music of this 58-year-old Chinese... Continue Reading →

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