Hi there, welcome!


Welcome to RoundTableChina, welcome to ask, to share, and to discuss here.

This website is created by a Chinese international student, who is tired of being “taught” by what the TV and newspapers (in-land and overseas) say, who believes in knowledge and her self-experience.

About her and an initiative

She used to study in international journalism and set up an in-media platform with her friends in China. As they tasted the suffering in the journalism industry in this country, they got tired and bored of struggling to do the investigative report and the journalism-style storytelling under strict censorship.

But she treasures more and more about the value and spirit of being a journalist ever since. She cares about the society she lives in more than ever. The identity of being a journalist is still one of her favourites, which enables her to see things from multi-angles and think critically.

During the process, she grew as an inclusive politics and culture lover. Notably, she saw and felt a worldwide gap in understanding East Asia—-or say China since it’s the topic of this website, regarding its society and culture.

Thought the gap is shrinking with China’s fast development, people still have strong senses from curiosity to denouncement or discrimination towards it, most of whom, however, have never been to China or tried to do a slight amount of research. Correspondently, the Chinese citizens still have a hostile image of the “western media” (though the situation is better than the counterpart), giving a defensive gesture or a counterproductive boaster to the “outside world”.

To be honest, this is nothing to blame.

Information always gets lost in communication, let alone there are quite a lot potentially causes. What she tries to do is to build this roundtable for every curious spirit, to communicate freely and equally. A free mind will never be trapped in the “right” or “wrong” judgments, but feel passionate about diverse discourses and open discussions. Bring “China” to the table might be cliché, but it should be fun (maybe also essential) for bringing a public space here, to open a room, to chat with a native Chinese grew up in multi-background, who is alone for now but in fact never alone. She is no professional, yet she is curious, good at learning and sharing.


@Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.

Whew! Let’s be calm and relaxed:

if you are–

  • A knowledge believer
  • A critical thinker
  • Aa culture lover
  • A preparing traveller
  • An international student or businessman in China

or —

you just can not figure out how the hell China became world’s second largest economy and are curious about what the life is in China,


you are Chinese who want to learn from a different side and share ideas as me…


The RoundTableChina has plenty seats for you!


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